Where has God revealed himself today?  The answer is everywhere – if we happened to notice.

Time is that elusive prize we chase, yet waste and let pass us by often without a thought.  We need to take more time to see the world around you – to watch the clouds as they move past.

Let’s be real for a sec.  I don’t always get to just be and sit with thoughts.  And neither do you.  I’m working; I’m busy; I’m watching reality TV (oops, busted); I’m chatting; I’m reading; I’m Wii-ing (oops, busted again); I’m studying; I’m blogging; I’m praying; I’m doing.

But am I being?

Without that being, some moments are lost.

Today, I saw a tiny finch perch perfect between two branches, a canopy spread over it’s head – a delicately white-gold bird pausing for a moment of rest.  There was God.

With life swirling around us everywhere, we lose when the hustle of daily activity gets in the way of living.