If you’re looking for God, stop. What?!? Why?!?

Because God is already there with you. Stop looking for God and find Him.

It’s not hide and seek. Or even rocket science. It’s about faith.

Let’s face it. As humans, we’re skeptical and curious – and all of these are great – but we’re really not all that strong on faith.

So many things in this world tell us that faith isn’t enough – that God isn’t real. This makes us question God and test Him. And God understands this – and puts up with it. He did after all give us the gift of life and free will. We’re not toys to God or chess pieces. He doesn’t orchestrate us. But he’s always there for us to turn to – when we make that choice.

God is a mystery. He can’t be fully explained. He can’t be proven or unproven. He just is. He’s I Am Who Am. He’s God With Us.

Yet, we still ask – just who is that “Am” anyway?

It’s God. The answer’s that simple. And He’s right next to you if you’re looking. Find Him and get to know Him.

He’s waiting for you.