God sometimes asks us to follow an unexpected path with him. One that leaves our current path behind completely and starts anew.

It is difficult to leave behind life as we know it, and forge ahead to the unknown. We must deal with many emotions, including negative ones — fear, disappointment, loneliness, failure, pain. Still God calls to us and says it is time — whether gradual or sudden — he tells us our work on the current path is complete.

Unexpected path

I’ve been on this unexpected path for more than two years now. It is God’s design, as I never would have chosen this path knowingly. The catalyst and burden that set me on this path is a rare disease, for which until recently I had no name or treatment.

It is a miracle unto itself that I survived without treatment for so long. I lost almost everything in this battle – my health, my livelihood, my career, my lifestyle, my productiveness, my friends.

But as I was face down in the proverbial dirt, someone knelt next to me and lifted me up. “You are my beloved. Come and take this journey with me.” What I learned on this journey about life, love, myself and most of all God is overwhelmingly beautiful.

That is not to say this path is easy. It is more like clawing my way up a smooth wall of granite, one fingernail at a time. It is painful, lonely and alienating at times.

The one constant is God’s love and support, often times showing through some incredible people he put on my path. The ones who choose to be there and answer the call to do what God would do.

I cannot say that of everyone on my path. Others complicated it even more. God reminded me to pass them by, as I am on a path that they are not on. They have the opportunity to answer his call to compassion – whether or not they respond is up to them. I feel sorry for them, as they missed out on God’s call.

Still my focus is on those who do respond to God from the unexpected path. They reach out and walk along with me. They glow from following his example. They did not miss God as he walked by.

I am still on this path and will be for a long time to come. It will never leave me. Yet, I now know how to truly focus on love, for it will shine through the darkness.