Sometimes God gives us a whisper. One we can hear if we pay attention. It’s a nudge toward what we need to remember.

It can come in odd places where we least expect it.

My nudge came from a stranger on social media who asked me if I will continue this blog.

It’s been here, all along, and on my mind. It’s not something I forgot about. But I did have to put it on hold along with multiple other things I love.

Ideas — a lot like life — do not stop when we are unable to develop them. Sometimes all we can do is listen and record them for the future. It’s frustrating to be unable to work on them, but also humbling, as we remember this path is part of a larger journey.

We must pick and choose our successes and battles as we are able. We cannot be in the driver’s seat of it all, at once. We are present on this journey and must learn whatever it is we need to continue.

Sounds easy. Except, knowledge comes over time. We do not learn it and move on immediately.

At first, I thought my current journey would be brief. Instead, it persisted. I still wander. In those times, the only one aware of me is God. He knows why I am wandering and that I turn to him in my loneliness.

I may wander in this desert for the rest of my life. Or not. It’s not for me to know or understand right now. It’s just time for me to celebrate one step on this journey as enough.

Even when we cannot see the ground in front of us, we must put one foot in front of the other as we journey through this life. We must turn our face to God, for he is calling to shelter us always.

And for those times when we forget, he’ll whisper until we are able to hear.