God gives us obvious moments of sanctifying grace in the sacraments.

But every day we have opportunities to accept grace or reject it – the choice is up to us based on how we respond to the moments of actual grace in our lives.

These moments are gifts from God, and often we do not recognize them – the opportunity to be kind; to go beyond what we would normally do or who we normally are, to help another person; to be compassionate to others whether we feel like it or not.

To live only in our bubble of personal comfort, is not enough. If we are not reaching out, we are not reflecting the grace we receive.

It is not enough to talk about these moments and what we should do. We must live them in our daily lives.

How often have we missed an opportunity to respond to one of God’s moments of grace?

Look for the next one. It is more important than our work, our social status and our daily routine.

It is an opportunity to extend the hand of God to others, and to show the true nature of faith.