When I was a little one, I met Mother Teresa. She attended some kind of presentation at a baseball field. She was in the state to possibly bring the Missionaries of Charity there (which she did, and the sisters are still there today).

I was determined to meet her. My Dad went with me to where she would go to her car.  I wanted to shake her hand – me and a 100 or so others.

I was almost there too – until an adult shoved me out of the way, and another and another and another. By the time my Dad found me, it was too late. She was already in the van to leave.  We made it to the edge of the bleachers as the car slowly exited the field.

As her car drove past, she looked at me and smiled.

So when I say that I met her, it wasn’t anything grand. It was a small acknowledgment. But in that moment, Mother Teresa saw me. And I saw her.

I always felt a special inspiration from her life. Her life is an example for all of us – of humility, service, simplicity, devotion, faith.

Some criticize her for not doing enough. She didn’t try to save the world. She merely took care of a basic need, one at a time.

God doesn’t ask us to do everything. God asks us to do something.

So when I say that Mother Teresa didn’t try to save the world, it means she showed us how to do just that.

By “doing small things with great love,” Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta did what God asked of her and more.

What will you do?