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I believe, in order to understand; and I understand, the better to believe St. Augustine
Advent is a season of preparation for one of the greatest gifts of all time – the birth of a child named Jesus, who would come to sacrifice himself for those he loved. Many see Jesus as a prophet, but for Christians he is Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus reached out to anyone in need …
Dream Over That was the headline for a story on Susan Boyle, the contestant who caught the attention of the world in Britain’s TV talent show – Britain’s Got Talent.  She wasn’t your average – wait, she was your average-looking singer.  She wasn’t this polished, made-up and groomed mega-star like Beyoncé – or whatever she’s …
Man is what he believes.  Anton Chekhov 
If we pray, we will believe. If we believe, we will love. If we love, we will serve. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
God has called you and He will not fail you. 1 Thessalonians 5:24