Life sometimes takes you down lonely country roads on unexpected side trips. You feel comfortable where you are, or at least somewhat secure – and then you hit the ruts in the dirt road.

This is where I’ve been since late last May. For the months of May and June, it was like an avalanche pushed me off-course and left me there – one thing after another leading me farther down a narrow stretch of back roads.

I’m just now finding my way back to the main road.

Even though I was lost on an unexpected detour, I wasn’t alone. God was there with me, coaching gently from the seat next to me.

As a result of this detour, I’ve experienced a lot of pain, hurt, fear, loneliness and hard times. But I’ve also encountered many compassionate moments, bright spots and love from my inner circle.

I made it through, because I allowed God to share my burdens. To some extent, only God knows how difficult this struggle was and how hard it was for me. I didn’t close myself off from Him – I let God in and He encouraged me to have faith.

Sometimes, I only shared my pain with God. I didn’t have words to tell my friends and family. And sometimes, other people were living their lives, while I struggled just to survive. They don’t see you, or you don’t see them, except every now and then.

But God is always there. He’s never too busy or off in His own bubble. He’s always present, even if it’s just to sit with you and cry.

Let’s be clear. Where I was before this side trip, wasn’t the ideal. Far from it. It was okay. I needed better than okay, and I knew that. I just didn’t know okay had to stop immediately.

It also doesn’t mean that everything now is rosy. It’s just a better place than I was before, and that is something I come to see more and more each day.

I have many exciting things blossoming, and many wonders to share through this blog.

One last thing. If you’re lost on a detour, turn to God.

He’s there. Always. No matter where you are or where you’ve been – God will drive with you whether you’re on-course or off-roading.

Trust God.