The Sanctity of Life Chaplet lets you reflect on Christ’s life and learn from His example how to respect the gift of life that God bestowed equally to all people.

It gives people something tangible that they can do to help promote the cause of life and peace in this world. Without a respect for all life, there is no real justice – and thus no peace. So as Pope Paul VI said “if you want peace, work for justice.” This chaplet provides one way to work toward preserving life and promoting peace in our world.

I created this chaplet while looking for a way to use my skills to promote God and prayer.  Inspired during my weekly hour of Perpetual Adoration, which is time spent praying before the Blessed Sacrament (for Catholics this is the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist), I came up with the idea for this chaplet and wrote the accompanying prayers. Through this chaplet, we can all promote awareness for the sanctity of life in a world that often devalues life.

The Sanctity of Life Chaplet is now available here!